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This past month saw Lillian Too conduct the first of her Master Practitioner Courses in Feng Shui for the year. She usually holds these twice a year, as well as her other more advanced courses, but the MPC is the definitive course that should be the starting point for all practitioners who wish to take their study of feng shui seriously.

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Woman in Gold
In 1902, Gustav Klimt painted a golden portrait of Lady Adele. Here is the amazing tale of how the Nazis stole the painting, and the incredible battle its owner fought to reclaim it.
Alexander McQueen:
A Curious Couturier

Helen Oon pays tribute to the late designer genius Alexander McQueen as she visits his “Savage Beauty” Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Meeting a New Generation of Feng Shui Enthusiasts
Lillian Too enjoys intimate meetings with her MPC students as they share their personal stories of how feng shui has transformed their lives.
Picking Baby Names
As the world awaits the royal birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s newborn, Honey Lim shares invaluable guidance on how to craft auspicious baby names using the ancient art of numerology.
Never Live On Triangle-Shaped Land
In this month’s case study, we highlight the feng shui dangers of living on a piece land that is triangle-shaped.
Brunei’s Royal Wedding of the Year
Dato Kee Hua Chee brings us exclusive pictures to the most lavish and wondrous wedding of the year, of the Sultan of Brunei’s second son HRH Prince Abdul Malik to his beautiful wife.
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about giving away turtles, burning incense, lunar birthdates, the number 22, sleeping under beams and more!