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Fine-tuning home feng shui does not need to be a complicated task and a key mission of our magazine is to demonstrate all the ways to roll the practice of feng shui into daily life, so that it becomes a completely non-intrusive part of living. There is indeed so much more to feng shui than just studying floorplans and taking directions, and while learning complicated formulas can help identify lucky and not-so-lucky sectors, it is important never to forget the bigger picture, the environment and the quality of the air around us.

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Rare Gem of A Lady
Dato Kee Hua Chee chats with Malaysian artist and gallery owner Lim Wei-Ling. Her talent in spotting rare masterpieces and promoting art is making waves on a global scale.
Limkokwing Fashion Club Rocks at London Fashion Week
Malaysia’s very own Tiffanee Lim chats with Helen Oon on what inspired her to pioneer the Limkokwing Fashion Club.
Ed Sheeran: A Big Believer of Symbols Hits Big Success
Everybody’s talking about Ed Sheeran, the only artist who’s ever had 16 hit songs on the top 16 spots of UK Top 20! Jennifer Too discovers the symbols that have fuelled his success.
Cherry Blossoms & Other Flowers
Nothing announces springtime as much as cherry blossoms blooming in the wake of warmer weather! They herald a new beginning and a hope of bigger things to come! It’s time to welcome auspicious growth energy for the Rooster Year!
Was It Dirty Politics, Black Magic or Bad Feng Shui That Dethroned The Dragon Queen of Korea?
Hanni Lim delves into the juicy gossip surrounding the rise and fall of President Park Geun Hye. Was it just bad feng shui, or something a lot more sinister that caused her the Blue Throne? Read all about it here.
Apple Park: 7 Auspicious Features We Love About Apple’s Brand New Spaceship Campus
This month, Apple moves 12,000 employees into their brand new space-craft like building in Cupertino! Hanni Lim points out all the fantastic feng shui attributes that will herald a new era of greatness for this awesome tech firm.
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Aunt Agga answers questions about office desks, lunar vs solar calendars in Paht Chee, and feng shui cures while you move house.