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As we get ready to move into the New Year, we are mindful that although 2016 is a FIRE Monkey year, it will nevertheless be ruled by the ominous black star 2, which takes center stage in the feng shui chart of the year; this makes the coming 12 months a Black Year, not exactly a promising prospect! It will be a year when everyone needs to take extra care of illness energies sweeping across the globe…

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Faces of Grief as Terror Strikes. Unlucky Friday 13th converges with Afflicted Monthly and Annual Stars of the Feng Shui Chart
When the five yellow collides with Black Friday, bad things happen. We caution you on what to expect in December, and how to stay safe from the afflicted energies.
Moving into a New Apartment? Make Sure You Check Your Feng Shui.
Hanni Lim shares a true story of a family whose new apartment brought nothing but bad luck! A cautionary tale on why it’s so crucial to check your feng shui before you buy.
The Rain Cloud Sutra
Lillian Too shares the powerful Rain Cloud Sutra that brought the rain and winds to help blow away the noxious haze that hung over Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Adele: The British Powerhouse is Back!
UK’s greatest songstress releases her exciting third album “25”. Jennifer Too reviews her latest album and sheds some light on Adele’s inspiration for her album.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens… and the Magic Returns
Jennifer Too brings you her quintessential feng shui guide on navigating the complex relationships of all the cast members of the most highly anticipated movie of the year!
The Uncommon Relics of Choden Rinpoche
Hanni Lim travels to India on a mission to capture the extraordinary relics of a truly accomplished and highly-realized Vajrayana Master on camera. In this issue, we share never-seen-before photos of these relics!
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Aunt Agga answers questions on grandma’s ashes, rituals for renovation work, lighting candles and getting jobs for unemployed sons.