Cover of FSW#95 // May 2016 (Click on the cover to preview this issue)  

We feature the fantastic Deity Torma of Vajrakilaya on our cover this issue. Handcrafted to perfection by Khenpo Delek Rinpoche from ground barley and coloured butter, the torma was one of many ritual objects incorporated into a precious Retreat held at Rinpoche’s gompa in Taichung city last month. Participants came from four corners of the globe to pray and practise at this incredibly precious event, which Lillian describes as extraordinary and most rare. She explains the amazing benefits of this Retreat, which was dedicated to the peace and safety of our world in this black year, when already in the past two weeks alone there have been eight earthquakes of above 6.0 in magnitude intensity.

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The World of Avatar
Movie extraordinaire James Cameron announces four more amazing sequels in the pipeline! Will it make cinematic history again? Find out.
Nurturing the Dragon Side
Lillian Too makes extensive renovations to the Southeast side of her home to “bring in the Dragon” and infuse her living room with greater yang energy just in time for the Monkey and Rooster years.
Welcoming the “Monkey on the Mountain”
Expecting a baby this year? We congratulate all happy moms-to-be and give you a heads up on what to expect from this super-intelligent sign, and bonus advice on creating a lasting bond with your Monkey.
The Queen Turns 90! The Ultimate Matriarch Enters Her Tenth Decade
We celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s milestone year as Britain’s longest reigning matriarch! This wonderful hei see comes at a very good time, when the world is need of some cheering up!
Kate and Wills Climb the Sacred Taktsang
The world’s most famous royal couple pays a tribute visit to the happiest place on Earth and treks up to Guru Rinpoche’s famous Tiger’s Nest.
Getting the Best Out of a Small, Oddly Shaped Loft Apartment
Hanni Lim reveals the best way to activate the feng shui of a trapezium-shaped loft apartment in downtown Chicago.
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Aunt Agga answers questions about reluctant boyfriends, mirrors at the main door, paintings from Bali, pillars and house directions.