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February is the month of the Chinese New Year this year, and these are the most important 15 days of the year. According to Chinese tradition, it is believed that whatever one does in these 15 days will impact one’s luck for the rest of the year. The first day of New Year falls on Monday Feb 8th. It is important to get things right from then till the end of the festival on Chap Goh Meh on Feb 22nd, the night of the year’s first full moon. Thus we have put together a Chinese New Year special that incorporates a day-by-day planner that details the important rituals for each day, and also highlighting the best days for different significant activities such as when to host parties, when to lay low, when to restart work, when to visit friends and so forth.

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Extravaganza Recap
A comprehensive summary on Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2016 with all the important info you need to ensure you are well-armed to make the most of 2016.
Leonardo DiCaprio: Long due an Oscar!
He’s one of Hollywood’s most highly paid actors. He’s been nominated by the Academy five times but has never won! Will this finally be the year Leo goes home with an Oscar? We think he should.
Thinking About Life at 70
Lillian Too crosses a huge milestone as she celebrates her 70th birthday with her nearest and dearest friends from all around the world!
Checklist for Welcoming the Year of the Fire Monkey
Everything you need to know about celebrating the first 15 Days of Chinese New Year with good feng shui is in this extensive guide
8 Important New Year Traditions to Ensure Good Marriage Luck
Hoping to meet someone new this year? Here are 8 special tips to direct the powerful energies of the New Year towards finding romance!
General Guan Zong: God of the Year 2016
Meet the in-coming Tai Sui God of the Year, the Grand Duke who bestows the power to forge political and strategic alliances in the Year of the Fire Monkey.
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