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This is our Spring issue and it is now a good time to observe how 2014 is panning out, for us here in SE Asia and for the world. What stands out the most as we put this issue together is how incredibly dry the last two months have been. Malaysia where we are based experienced water rationing for the first time in years and households in the Kuala Lumpur area were forced to stockpile water for daily living needs. Fields and gardens everywhere turned brown, forest and peat fires brought back the haze, air quality turned seriously bad, the population suffered a variety of ear, nose and eye infections. Schools were forced to close and outdoor activities got suspended. We are a very rainy country and for as long as ever we have taken the availability of water for granted. This has been a major wake-up call! And even as we go to print, we are all praying for the safety of passengers on Flight MH370... it has not been a nice March.

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Hurray for the New Penang Bridge
How the second bridge from mainland to Penang brings excellent good feng shui to both sides.
Taps Running Dry in Malaysia
Honey Lim investigates how the Malaysia and the world is facing water shortage and shares some potent prayers for requesting for rain.
Notable Noses of our Times
Lillian Too shares tips on analysing the colour, shine, shape and appearance of your nose, and the fortune it brings.
Jewels Truly are Wish Granting
Three leading Hollywood ladies drip with jewels that bring outstanding fame, fortune and love into their lives!
Leading Men Losing Out!
Why famous, wealthy and accomplished male actors consistently miss out on winning the Golden Statuette.
The Amazing Story of Lupita Nyong’o
We get to know Hollywood’s bright new darling, the Kenyan lady who has stolen all hearts and awards this spring.
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about long distance relationships, 168 numbers, mala beads braking and mantras for getting pregnant!