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Chinese New Year comes early this year, in January; but February is the month of the Spring when the official day of the Lap Chun comes around. Feb 4th is the start of the Chinese Solar Calendar year, and Flying Star adheres to this calculation of time; this is when the energies that determine the year’s destiny trends really start to make their switch, which can be good or bad news. How these changes affect you personally depend on several factors – mainly your animal sign, your personal Paht Chee and the abodes in which you spend most of your time – i.e. your home and your office.

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Amber Chia: From Embers to Amber!
Dato Kee Hua Chee has a heart-to-heart chat with actress/model Amber Chia and tells the inspiring story of how a small-town girl rose from abject poverty to multi-million dollar catwalk stardom on a global scale.
La La Land
The jazz musical that will steal your heart, the way it stole 7 Golden Globe Awards! Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Damien Chazelle make a winning astrological triangle that blends modern film-making with old-time classics charm. Jennifer Too gives her thumbs up review.
Dropping into Las Vegas For A Christmas Holiday with the Kids
Lillian Too enjoys a dazzling Christmas holiday with her gorgeous family at the fantastically feng-shuied Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and the wondrous Grand Canyon!
The Crown: Claire Foy Wins Best Actress Playing Queen Elizabeth II
The world’s most popular Queen is honoured with her own biopic TV series and the result is nothing short of royal! Here’s our review of this luxurious Netflix production.
Will Prince Charles Become Britain’s New King By the End of 2017?
The Queen’s fragile health has revived speculation of when her reign would end and Prince Charles will become King. We checked their charts and reveal what’s in store for Britain’s longest-serving monarch.
The Feng Shui of Samsung’s “Largest office in America”
Hanni Lim investigates the feng shui of Korean giant’s enormous building in Silicon Valley and discovers how it catapulted the boring manufacturing company into the world’s leader in smartphones and semiconductors.
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Aunt Agga answers questions about dzi bracelets, finding a job, placing peach blossom enhancers correctly and increasing sisterly love between bickering daughters.