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The last month has been short but hectic, full of celebrations on all fronts. We entered the Year of the Rooster observing all the customary traditions, first ensuring all the new enhancers and cures are in place by the advent of Spring on Feb 4th and then we welcome in the new Lunar Year with all the appropriate rituals. Many of these Chinese New Year rituals are similar from year to year, but it is important to recognize the differences.

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All the Fun: Chap Goh Mei Party
Lillian Too welcomes the Rooster Year with a festive red lantern party on the 15th day of the first lunar month! With 5 Lions and a Dragon and Phoenix prancing about, yee-sang tossing and guests singing to the band… a great amount of yang energy is generated to get the year off to a fantastic start!
The Domestic Cat: Magical Animals on Earth
Phillip Lim’s immaculate love and care for his feline friends that were rescued from animal shelters are thriving beautifully in his home. He tells us about the enormous good luck and spiritual protection they have brought into his life and explain why cats are so special.
Going Gaga for the Lady
Tiger Lady Gaga dazzles at the Super Bowl with a stunning half time show singing God Bless America as a subtle message of inclusion and unity in a deeply divided United States.
Feng Shui of The White House Weakens the Presidency
President Trump’s first month in office has drawn criticism and protests not just from US citizens, but also from people from all corners of the globe. Is the feng shui of the White House to blame for his escalating unpopularity? Hanni Lim investigates.
Superbowl Hero Tom Brady Manifests his Inner Shaman
The second half of this year’s Superbowl event was nothing short of spectacular, when footballer Tom Brady saved the day in a dramatic show of athletic prowess! For the modern sportsman, the field is the perfect battheground for one’s shamanic warrior spirit to emerge!
Buckingham Palace:8 Amazing Symbolic Features that Protect & Preserve
The British Royal family has remained one of the strongest and most beloved monarchies in the world. Could it be due to the fantastic feng shui of Buckhingham Palace? Here are eight features to keep an eye out for the next time you visit the royal residence of the Her Majesty the Queen.
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Aunt Agga answers questions about dreams of white mice, paying off bills with diamonds, and what to do with your mother’s ashes.