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As we move into the final days of summer, still enduring afternoons of intense heat, we bring you some exciting, thought-provoking feature articles we hope many of you can dig into; and also some inspiring stories that resonate with some of you. We shall all think positive even as we cast our minds to the disasters and anger energies of the past months.

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The Mind of Sun Tzu
Lillian Too decodes the deep wisdom contained within Sun Tzu’s teachings of warfare and reveals how relevant they continue to be in our current times.
Connecting With A Spiritual Friend
Lillian Too shares blissful thoughts and stunning photos from her recent spiritual retreat with Khenpo Delek Rinpoche, and how his teachings have brought our dharma group to a whole new level of spiritual practise.
My Friend Li Dong Creates a New Business
Lillian Too catches up with her dear friend Ong Li Dong, former CEO of OE Jewellery, on her exciting new jewellery venture “Rings and Bands”.
Paris Hilton
Ditzy blonde or super sharp heiress? Lillian Too throws the spotlight on elder Hilton sister, who has cleverly reinvented her public image to launch her brand new fragrance!
Reclaim Your Southwest Sector: Do it Before the Start of 2016
Hanni Lim highlights the problems of having a missing Southwest corner, and why you should bring it back into the house it before 2016!
Michael Douglas joins the Superhero Family
Jennifer Too pays tribute to veteran actor Michael Douglas who reels a new generation of fans by playing Dr Hank Pym in in Marvel’s latest superhero movie Ant Man!
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Aunt Agga answers questions about celestial animals above the bed, changing jobs, hills in front of the house, moving old cures, dragonfly tattoos and much more!