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We are currently in the thick of football fever with FIFA World Cup 2014 playing in Brazil. It gets tough for us here in Kuala Lumpur to catch the matches live as the action starts only at midnight. But I did manage to watch Argentina vs Iran in their second round match. I am rooting for ARGENTINA because this country is the spiritual home of Polo, my favourite sport, and also because I like their colours; but I lost money that night betting for them; should have gone with IRAN the underdog with the number of goals I had to give!

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Flying Horses
Jennifer Too shares some of the legends behind famous winged steeds of good fortune and victory!
New Royal King and Commoner Queen for Spain
What do the Paht Chee charts of Spain’s newly crowned royals reveal about their personal luck? Read on!
Fixing Employee Turnover and Cash Leakage of a Physio Clinic
Honey Lim shares a case study of how a business’ luck can suffer from the nasty 2, 5 and 3 stars.
Top 10 Players in To Watch In 2014 FIFA World Cup
Will their personal astrological luck match their football skills this season? Find out as we analyse what’s in store for these top ten players!
Our Favourites To Win the World Cup
Which country will take home to highly prized Cup? Here are our picks!
Meet the 4 Hottest Football WAGS
While their men are out kicking ball, they’re making a name for themselves! Meet these gorgeous and talented football wives and girlfriends!
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about long corridors, black doors, bird nests, sitting direction, facing direction and making babies in time for 2015.