Cover of FSW#74// August 2014 (Click on the cover to preview this issue)  

We are preparing this issue under the sad shadow of grief. Last month, a second air tragedy hit Malaysian Airlines, our national carrier, when Flight MH 17 from Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur crashed in Ukraine killing everyone on board. We have not yet got over the terrible loss of MH370, which continues to be a bafflement, surrounded by conspiracy theories aplenty; and now MH17.

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Why is MAS Malaysian Airlines so Unlucky?
Did bad feng shui or bad karma (or both) cause MH 17 to go down? We try to make sense of this senseless tragedy that took place on that fateful day.
Super Powers Harnessing the Mighty Eagle
Is it a coincidence that all the supreme powers of the world have the mighty eagle as their insignia?
Singapore Stopover
Lillian Too shares her observations on visiting the Spring Gardens, Cloud Forest and cheap-eats of Singapore.
Manifesting Cosmic Protectors & Hooking the Spirit of Abundance
Lillian Too shares big secrets about powerful cosmic protectors and invites Khenpo Delek Rinpoche to perform a fantastic puja!
The Hidden Vajra in the Crown
Royal Regalia of Indestructible Prosperity and Power that saved the monarchies of Europe.
Lucy: The Next Big Movie about the Limitless Possibilities of the Mind
Can a miracle drug that exploits 100% of the mind give you supernatural powers?
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about main door directions, angry bosses, yin water cures, fake feng shui copies and moving countries.