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Welcome to our May issue, which takes us into the fullness of Spring when Wood and Growth energy is at its zenith. This is also a time of April showers, which here in the tropics it comes in strong showers actually giving strong producing element energy to this second quarter’s Double Wood Pillar in the 2018 Paht Chee chart. Wood energy denotes growth energy, but it also strengthens the #3 quarrelsome star; unfortunately, this year’s center number is 9 the magnifying star, and it is strongly intensifying the #3 star in the feng shui chart, which has flown into the center this last month! As a result, April saw plenty of quarrelsome energy indeed!

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Activating Your “Bright Hall” in Home Feng Shui
Energising the Bright Hall in your home allows the chi to settle before it flows to the rest of the house. This becomes especially important in this year of the Double Earth, when barking dog energies have the potential to get quite unsettled. Learn how within.
Ken Hom & His Magik Wok
Helen Oon meets the man attributed to popularizing Chinese cuisine in the West.
Chitchat at Chatime
Dato Kee Hua Chee meets Aliza Ali and Widayu Latiff, the dynamic duo who have taken on the premier Taiwanese Bubble Tea master franchise in Malaysia.
Meghan Markle – Princess in Waiting
This Rooster-born phenomenon has injected a big breath of fresh air into the British Royal Family, and she hasn’t even married Prince Harry yet. As she gets ready for the big day in May, Lillian Too takes a look at this highly popular royal-to-be, making astute comparisons to two other high-profile Rooster-born young women – Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump.
Goddess Tara Empowerment
The feminine principle is re-emerging in the consciousness of humanity, and nothing embodies this principle better than the Goddess Tara. Lillian Too introduces Goddess Tara Retreats.
The Age of Computer Gaming
DOTA2, CS:GO, MINECRAFT… sound familiar? Do your kids play them? Or even your husband? Are these computer games that seem to take up so much time a boon or a bane? Lim Han Jin discusses this contentious issue.
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