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This month of August is when we need to be wary of the convergence of the Hungry Ghost month with the afflictive Earth stars - 2 & 5 – occurring together in the center of the month’s feng shui chart. It is vital to be extremely cautious, more importantly to not leave home without carrying or wearing some kind of protective amulet. We have continually stressed how important it is to have a talisman in one’s pocket to ensure one is never caught off guard in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Marco Polo Streaming on Netflix… Enthralling Second Season Becomes a Digital Hit
If you’re aching to fill your Game of Thrones vacuum, here’s a new swords and sandals tale that is sure to keep you watching! Set in Asia and filmed in Malaysia, Marco Polo takes you on an oriental journey filled with court politics, drama and seduction inherent in the brutal game of power.
Yusuf Hashim Photographer Adventurer Extraordinaire...
Meet Yusuf Hashim, Malaysia’s very own professional scenic photographer! Lillian reconnects with her former Harvard classmate and share some of his most stunning masterpieces taken all around the world!
Charms & Superstitions to Make You Win When Competing: Knowing What’s Lucky for You can Make All The Difference!
Lillian Too reveal the secrets of magic rituals that fuel the success of champions! If a BIG WIN is what you desire, then follow in the footsteps of star athletes and winners who each have their own personal magical ritual.
Power is Thrust Upon Britain’s Theresa May
In an extraordinary twist of luck, Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May finds herself thrown into the seat of power! Saddled with a mammoth task of transitioning Britain out of Brexit, we check out her destiny chart and reveal why she’s so lucky and why she is so good for the UK right now!
Activating the Protection of King Gesar’s Dralas & Wermas
Lillian Too introduces her fans to the powerful wermas of King Gesar’s entourage! They are the celestial animals that hold magical powers to protect against harm and attract good fortune into your life! Learn to invoke them and let them keep you stay safe from danger and spur you ahead to victory!
Bum Tsog Offerings in Spore & Kl Spiritual Feng Shui Event Draws Huge Crowd to Perform Wonderful 100,000 Feast Offerings to Guru Rinpoche
Hanni Lim brings you a detailed recap of Lillian Too’s awesome spiritual feng shui event, and all the key points you might have missed! Don’t miss her key advice on selecting your life force stone and empowering it! Plus, important tips on invoking the ultimate spiritual father and mother’s blessings.
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Aunt Agga answers questions about ocean tattoos, yellow butterflies, choosing lucky house numbers and holding on to a job!