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In the last few weeks, so much of the world’s attention has been focused on the US Elections, and many of the mainstream media outlets expressed shock, surprise even outrage at the eventual result; but on hindsight, perhaps they missed what was obvious all along. Much earlier in the game, when Donald Trump first announced his candidacy and before he became the Republican candidate, Lillian Too had already predicted based on his luck charts that he has what it takes to make it all the way. But following his campaign over the last few months, she became even more convinced.

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Trump’s Tips on Living Life & Being Successful
25 gems of wisdom from the man who defied all the odds to become America’s next president.
Trump’s Magnificent Mansion in The Skies
His palatial home is the epitome of good feng shui! We point out all the exquisite feng shui features.
Strange is Good
Benedict Cumberbatch plays the highly-gifted neuro-surgeon who turns into the universe’s most powerful sorcerer.
The Magic, Mantra & Mastery of Soon-to-Be President Donald Trump
How did he do it? Find out how Donald used the principles of magic to secure his phenomenal victory!
Lillian Too’s Singapore Extravaganza: Old Friends & New Friends
Lillian Too holds her first Extravaganza talk in Singapore for the Year of the Rooster! Read all about it here.
The Magic of Spiritual Feng Shui: Students Learn to Release Their Psychic Power
Lillian Too holds her Master Course in Spiritual Feng Shui! Students from over 20 countries learn to harness their mind powers to create real magic!
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