Feng Shui World is Malaysia's best selling magazine on the topic of feng shui. Like no other magazine, Feng Shui World brings the reader the feng shui angle on all things affected by the winds and waters of the world. This includes lifestyle, property, fashion, entertainment, astrology, interiors, furniture, architecture & more.

It is the most comprehensive & complete guide to feng shui & a great place supplement to any books available on the subject. Each issue also includes updates on time dimension feng shui, predictions, trends and so forth.

It is in full color, glossy and presented in an attractive manner, enabling readers to learn while at the same time be entertained.

A definitive medium that delivers your message exactly where you want it! It reaches buyers, property investors, professionals, business people, homemakers and expatriates. Those interested in feng shui are those most keen to undertake home improvements, interiors decoration and purchase health, beauty and other related products to improve their luck and fortune.

Feng Shui World brings you a fresh new concept in marketing your products, with a feng shui twist. Picture how effective your advertisement will be, when coupled with articles and features that bring forth new ideas related to your product in the practise of feng shui.

Imagine being able to educate and teach your potential clients on the benefits of a new method of enhancing their luck while introducing your product to them.

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  Cover of FSW#98// August 2016
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In this issue we feature Chensi Luohan, the “Thinking Arhat” who was also known as Rahula, the son of Shakyamuni Buddha. He was famed for his deep concentration and profound insights on compassionate thought. As we steel ourselves for a challenging month, contemplate the deep meaning of true compassion and generate this altruistic intention for peace and happiness to prevail. Our collective happy thoughts have the power to change the world.
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