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The coming year of the Wood Sheep holds out much promise, but to feel the full abundance impact of the new year, you will need to be patient because the second half of the year is a lot better than the first half.

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WOFS New Plaque Unveiling
Announcing World of Feng Shui’s new crest taking advantage of the second half of Period 8!
Outlook for the 12 Animal Signs
Our horoscope guide to navigating the year of the Wood Sheep and how to gain the most out of the year!
General Yan Xian
Meet the Tai Sui God of the Wood Sheep Year the hermit sage who appeases the year’s conflict energies.
Royal Twins: Natural or with the help of science?
We congratulate the Prince and Princess of Monaco on the arrival of their beautiful pair of royal twins!
Ivanka Trump: Modern Matriarch of the 21st Century
Ultra-chic, ultra-gorgeous and ultra-grounded Trump heiress who plays the role of mother to perfection!
Pink Polo: A Girly Affair
Jennifer Too participates in Thai Polo’s Queen’s Cup Pink Polo which raises awareness for the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer.
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about facing directions, activating peach blossom, placing the fuk luk sau, snakes and rubbish chutes!