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We are moving into the final quarter of the year and beginning to feel the world’s energies changing. The coming year 2015 belongs to the astrology of the Sheep, a sign that typically signifies benevolence and mild-mannered diplomacy. The coming year has both good and bad news, the negative being the energy clashes that need to be dealt with.

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Connecting with the White Shamans of Russia
Lillian Too writes about of the annual Yakut Festival in Russia, the sacred place where diamonds and treasures are unlike anywhere else in the world.
Reflecting Joyously on Jobs Well Done
Lillian Too rejoices in our beautiful new Almanac and Calendar of 2014 and share its hidden significance.
Why the Feng Shui of Space is Just as Important as the Feng Shui of Time
Honey Lim writes about a true story of how bad symbolic feng shui caused this family to be bullied at school and at work!
Victoria Grows Her Fashion Empire
Victoria Beckham opens a new store in London!
The Wood Sheep Baby: A New Generation of Movers and Shakers
Planning for a baby next year? Learn what to expect and check if the Wood Sheep child is compatible with you!
Prince Harry: A Truly Sporty Prince Charming
Are wedding bells on the cards for Prince Harry’s love life? We check his future and speculate!
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about half doors, hot heads, not praying to the Tai Sui, pregnancy and car colours.