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We shall soon be entering into the second half of the year and hopefully, as predicted by the year’s Paht Chee chart, the energy of the world will improve drastically. The past months have been brutal with the terrible earthquakes in Nepal bringing the most tragedies but there was also violence and other hostilities around the world, the Germanwings aircrash and now in our Malaysian waters, we are reading about the horrific suffering of the Rohingya refugees.

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House Facing a Major Emptiness Line Dries Up Luck for this Real Estate Agent
Hanni Lim shares a true story of how this man’s real estate business diminished after renovating his house the wrong way.
Princess Charlotte: Future Beauty and Style Icon in the making
We warmly welcome Britain’s royal princess to the world! Hanni Lim investigates her Paht Chee chart and predicts who will play a role in shaping the princess’ life.
Nine Things about the Face of David Cameron
Britain’s Prime Minister has success and power written all over his face! We highlight all the unique facial features that show us he has the courage, willpower and destiny to dominate European politics!
Chris Hemsworth: Our Favourite Superhero
Jennifer Too highlights the heroic talents of Chris Hemsworth who sheds his cape and six-pack to take on Moby Dick in his up-and-coming film.
China: Through the Looking Glass
Check out the bold and beautiful outfits in this year’s MET GALA that fuses traditional Chinese culture with Western couture chic!
Nurturing the
8 Aptitudes

Lillian Too unlocks hidden meanings of the Pakua and describes how the eight aptitudes can bring balance to a person’s life.
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