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The best thing about knowing feng shui is that when something goes wrong, you can self-diagnose, apply the remedies and be confident the problem will go away. Feng shui may seem like an abstract concept, or termed an art form by some, but it is also highly technical, requiring the use of formulas and charts that when understood can be followed and applied – often with great success. Much of feng shui can also be “intuitive”, but usually only when you already know the underlying concepts of the practice.

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Visiting the Porcelain Factory
Dabu county is home to some of the world’s top porcelain factories! Lim Han Jin visits a blue-and-white china factory famed for is reproductions of valuable Ming pieces!
All Night Retreat in Praise of Mother Tara with my MAFIA, the Mindful Alliance of Friends In Attainment
Lillian Too shares her blissful feelings of making 108 cycles of praises to the Goddess Tara, and the showers of blessings that pour forth immediately after.
Finding Dory: A Fish Tale for the Whole Family
Following the landslide success of “Finding Nemo”, Pixar does it again with a new adventure of “Finding Dory”, the lovable blue Tang fish with a woefully short memory span! Jennifer Too gives a preview of what to expect from this fun-filled tale!
Ghostbusters is Back! Now With an All-Girl Team
Featuring a talented all-woman cast, this hugely popular 80s favourite gets a stunning makeover! Jennifer Too reviews this highly-anticipated summer comedy and draws feng shui parallels between the material and spiritual.
The Good & Bad of Water Energy
Lillian Too imparts precious advice on assessing whether water features bring good or bad fortune! Plus, bonus tips on recognizing how larger buildings can impact the energy of your home!
Feng Shui in Dabu: Green Dragons & White Tigers in the Hakka Villages of Dabu County of Southeast China
Lim Han Jin makes a sojourn to the Hakka region of China and uncovers secret feng shui elements employed by the ancient village of Dabu. Here’s a first-hand account of his journey and not-to-be-missed photographs of amazing feng shui features from the mainland!
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Aunt Agga answers questions about fierce lawsuits, renovation at the five yellow sector, lady ghosts, womanising CEOs and ankle Tattoos.