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As we move into the last quarter of the year, our October issue marks a major milestone for us here at FENG SHUI WORLD. It is our 100th issue! We first launched this magazine as an additional tool for feng shui practitioners to stay updated with the changing energies because in feng shui, as in life, the only constant is change. When one has learnt to master and manouever the changes, and to stay in sync with the energies that permeate our living spaces, that is when one can enjoy true happiness and harmony.

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Capturing the Chi of Instant Prosperity
Wealth creation peaks during the Autumn season! We bring you 19 feng shui ways to benefit from the vibrations of prosperity!
Teenager’s Luck Goes Downhill After Moving into New Apartment
Hanni Lim shares a case story of how this teenager’s life went sideways after his parents moved into a new apartment. Here’s what to watch out for, and how to remedy such a problem.
Connectivity Sequence of Numbers
Lillian Too gives her brilliant review on the new Netflix series “Touch” and how it mirrors the massive technology paradigm of our times.
Emily Blunt The Girl On the Train
Paula Hawkin’s bestseller book gains a cinematic audience with talented actress Emily Blunt as the leading lady! Big things are coming for this scintillating Boar actress!
Feng Shui Features Adorn Trump’s Many Downtown City Towers
Lillian Too visits Trump Tower in New York and points out all its awesome feng shui features!
Watching Adele Live in New York
Lillian Too shares the soulful energy of singing front row with the glorious Adele in New York!
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Aunt Agga answers questions about reading signs in clouds, where to put your garbage bin, dealing with gossipy friends and activating flying stars.