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Welcome to our Christmas issue! This is a celebratory time for us as we have just completed our 12th year in circulation, going onto our 13th! It also marks the completion of our first year as a monthly magazine, after stepping up from being a bi-monthly. We hope you have enjoyed having Feng Shui World more frequently, and as we look onwards on to 2015, we hope to become even more interactive with you through our social media links.

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A Perfect View bringing Wealth and Abundance
Lillian Too shares a powerful formula that determines how vast apartment water views can benefit the household.
Finding True Love At the Age of 55
Honey Lim shares a heart-warming case study on how a spinster friend found true love just by making some strategic feng shui corrections.
Wake Up and Be Awesome This New Year
We highlight 28 ways to galvanize your enthusiasm, strengthen your spirit essence and get ready to roll in a big way for 2015!
Exodus: God’s Most Famous Wonder Recreated
Christian Bale stars as Moses in this Christmas’ biggest biblical blockbuster! We can’t wait to watch him part the Red Sea.
Taylor Swift: A New Kind of Pop Star
Jennifer Too chronicles the rise of America’s most popular pop starlet of the year and her immense success despite the digital age of piracy.
Bhutan: A Land of Extraordinary Beauty, Spirituality and a Gorgeous Royal Family to Gaga About
Honey Lim shares photos and highlights of her recent spiritual sojourn to the Land of Bhutan, their hidden treasures and their prolific royal family.
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Ask Aunt Agga
Aunt Agga answers questions about marriage calculators, broken remembrance plates, lending shoes, blue roves, bed placements and choosing wedding dates.